BradyCFO's Smart Hire: Saving 60% on Recruitment Costs

updated on 21 March 2024

BradyCFO, a Fractional CFO Service provider for American food businesses, needed a new senior Finance manager. But high recruitment costs were a challenge. The solution? Looking to South America. By reaching out to Vintt’s outsourced staffing services, BradyCFO saved a huge 60% on recruitment costs. 

About BradyCFO

BradyCFO, founded by Mason Brady, is a trusted financial consulting firm specializing in providing fractional CFO services to small and lower-medium-sized businesses in the food industry. BradyCFO has experience in serving clients all throughout the food supply chain, from growing blueberries to developing e-commerce business models to deliver products directly to consumers’ homes. 

By offering part-time CFO services, BradyCFO steps in to manage financial complexities, freeing business owners to focus on what they do best—leading their companies forward. Their deep understanding of their clients' industries equips them with the expertise to guide large-scale asset acquisitions and secure credit financing to address any existing gaps in cash flow.

Mason Brady, BradyCFO Founder. 
Mason Brady, BradyCFO Founder. 

Aiming to be more than just a service provider, BradyCFO takes a values-driven and straightforward approach to finance. They don't just optimize financial strategies—they align these strategies with the company's mission and values. In this way, they not only provide the financial leadership and planning needed but also contribute to the holistic success of the businesses they serve.

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BradyCFO's Recruitment Challenge

For financial consulting firms like BradyCFO, finding top-notch accounting talent has become a formidable task. The rapid evolution of skill requirements and a dwindling talent pipeline are making it hard for companies to attract and retain the professionals they need at reasonable costs. 

BradyCFO needed a cost-effective way to recruit while maintaining quality. Their founder, Mason Brady, noted, "The needs of sound financial management in the food industry are great, especially given the competitiveness and historically difficult margins of this industry. Food businesses are not in a position to pay hundreds of dollars an hour for the right financial support they need."

And a lot of businesses tend to only look at the salary or hourly wage of the person they are hiring when measuring their cost, but forget to include the employer’s payroll taxes due, cost of health benefits and retirement planning, and company meals/furniture/equipment provided. 

In addition, recruiting costs can run three to four times a position's salary. Both direct and indirect costs, like the time managers spend supporting recruitment, contribute to this expense. These costs are often incurred within months, impacting productivity and, ultimately, the company's return on investment.

All of these costs add up. 

BradyCFO needed a solution—a way to find top talent without incurring these hefty costs.

The Solution: 60% Fewer Costs With Outsource Staffing Solutions

Firms are not just battling with each other for talent; they're also up against tech and finance companies that often have more resources. When the search for talent becomes global, the playing field evens out, allowing firms like BradyCFO to find and hire the talent they need without incurring high costs.

The company partnered with Vintti to recruit skilled financial professionals from South America—a region known for its cost-effective salaries, highly qualified workforce, cultural similarities with U.S. companies, and English proficiency. This decision led to substantial savings of 60% in both recruitment costs and salaries.

The recruitment process is simple. BradyCFO sends a job description, and Vintti presents the three top candidates from a pre-vetted pool. BradyCFO then conducts the interviews, as many as they need, to select the final hire. Vintti handles the rest: recruitment, pre-selection, background checks, contract signing, and even payments. This saves the firm time to focus on their core business operations. 


In only 14 days, the new Finance Manager was going through BradyCFO's onboarding process, ready to make a valuable contribution to the team. Founder Mason Brady said, "The speed and cost-effectiveness of this process were remarkable. We're definitely looking to continue our partnership with Vintti for future recruitment needs."

BradyCFO's decision to hire from South America showcases an effective strategy to overcome the talent shortage and high recruitment costs—a strategy more companies may need to consider as the talent crunch intensifies. The company has already scheduled another talent search in South America, reinforcing their commitment to this effective, economical hiring strategy.

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