Hire Top Remote Staff From Latin America

Find top remote talent for your company at up to 60% less cost than typical US-based employees.
Interviewing candidates is completely free of charge.

Hire Fast, Hire Talent from South America

Find top remote talent for your company at up to 60% less cost than typical US-based employees.

Interviewing candidates is completely free of charge.
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Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent

Vintti Staffs Unicorn Platform's Global Customer Support

"We take pride in offering exceptional customer support. But as we grew internationally, ensuring consistent support across all time zones and languages became a major hurdle. We needed a creative solution that addressed these limitations without breaking the bank. Building a massive team in Europe simply wasn't feasible."
John Rush, Founder
Staffing with Vintti Staffing with Vintti

Onlinetaxman dramatically cut recruitment costs by 40% with Vintti

“OnlineTaxman has been hiring professional from around the world since we started but as the company starts to expand and recruitments need become more specific, the added costs of finding the right candidate are becoming unmanageable for our operation”
Vincenzo Villamena, CEO

Did You Know?

You can secure high-quality south american talent in just 14 days and for around $9,000 USD per year.

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    Recognizing the importance of synchrony in business operations, we maintain a rich talent 100% aligned with your time zone.


    Find the perfect fit for your business with professionals who effortlessly blend into the US business culture.


    Access a vast pool of skilled professionals in South America, offering high-quality work at competitive rates.

...but finding the perfect match can be tough.

"I've always had difficulty finding reliable accountants abroad, but they connected me with an exceptional professional!"
Robert Anderson, Accounting Firm Owner
Reduced stress vintti

That's where we come in.

Let us find your next favorite employee.

  • Utilize our experience hiring in South America for our own businesses.
  • Headhunter team based in the South America
  • Robust database of vetted candidates
Prices vintti

Risk-Free Hiring

At Vintti, 'Risk-Free' means you can interview candidates for free, and if you don't hire, you don't pay.

With us...

You'll discover top-notch professionals at a staggering 50-70% savings compared to US professionals.
Savings with vintti

But it's not just about cost savings.

It's about the talent. Our professionals are 'A' players, equipped with a proven track record, ready to deliver 'A' results.
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The beauty of it all?

Our talent is based in South America, meaning they align perfectly with your timezone.
Time Zone aligned

Meet your new team member in just 14 days - for free

We made hiring simple and faster. With our efficient process, we can find the right fit for your business needs in just two weeks.
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Interviewing candidates is completely free of charge.

Our Services

We not only identify the ideal candidates, but also handle all formalities, from hiring to managing their payment. In this way, we become your strategic ally, simplifying your business growth.
Risk-free Hiring

Risk-Free Hiring

Our selection process is 100% free. You only pay if you hire, making our service an absolutely risk-free and effective solution to your staffing needs.
Two-weeks delivery

21-Days Delivery

We strive to find your ideal candidate within two weeks. Our efficient process is designed to minimize the waiting time for the perfect match.
Top candidates Vintti

Quality Candidatestop 3%

Access our vast database of carefully vetted candidates. Each individual is meticulously selected to ensure they align with your business objectives and culture.
Candidate experience Vintti

Extensive Experience

Our experience in the financial and accounting recruitment sector are at your disposal. We leverage our knowledge to find the best match for your needs.
Hassle free 2

End-to-End Management

We absorb the administrative load. From contract creation to payment management, we oversee every detail, freeing you up to concentrate on your business's core operations.
Dedicated Team at Vintti

Dedicated Team

Your success is our mission. Our dedicated team is fully committed to support and guide your business towards achieving its goals.

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Testimonials from our Clients

Hear what our clients have to say about us.
  • Kevin Hong
    Kevin Hong
    Destroy Drive
    "Vintti's team was incredibly responsive and helped us scale our operations efficiently."
  • emanuele lovoi
    Emanuele Lovoi
    "Vintti's talent pool is impressive. We found skilled professionals that fit our needs perfectly."
  • ana barbara llorente
    Ana-Barbara Llorente
    Pendas International
    "Working with Vintti has been a game changer for our international operations."
  • mason brady cfo
    Mason Brady
    "Vintti's talent sourcing is top-notch, they found us the perfect match in no time."
  • Jeremy Sounders
    Jeremy Sounders
    "Vintti has been instrumental in our growth, providing us with top-tier talent from South America."
  • Vicenzo Villamena
    Vicenzo Villamena
    Online Taxman
    "Vintti's efficient process and high-quality candidates have greatly simplified our hiring."

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