Vintti Bridges the Gap: Destroy Drive's International Growth Strategy

Discover how Destroy Drive successfully built remote teams for international operations with Vintti's strategic assistance.

The Challenge

Destroy Drive, a company specializing in secure data destruction services, faced a significant challenge: building a talented LATAM team in a cost efficient way.

When Destroy Drive was looking for a way to make their operations more cost-efficient, the challenge was to find a solution that would not compromise the quality of their services. The solution came in the form of growing their team with remote talent from South America. 

This strategy not only reduced operational costs but also brought in a diverse set of skills and perspectives that enriched the company's overall performance.

Destroy Drive in Numbers

  • 75% Outside US

    Destroy Drive’s business model has the challenge of having 75% of their business activity outside the USA. 

  • 33% Spanish-Speaking

    A significant portion of their international business comes from Spanish-speaking countries, highlighting the need for a multilingual team. 

  • 2 Failed Attemps

    Prior to working with Vintti, Destroy Drive tried to expand in Mexico City and Guadalajara but failed miserably as it did not understand the market, culture, and type of talent it needed to recruit. 

About Destroy Drive

Destroy Drive is a company that specializes in secure data destruction services. They offer both data wiping and physical destruction of hard drives, solid state drives, and other digital storage devices. Their services are available on-site at your location, anywhere in the world. They cater to data centers, businesses, and individuals who need to ensure their sensitive data is completely erased or eradicated from their storage devices.

Destroy Drive has over 15 years of experience in the data destruction industry and is certified by NAID, an organization that sets standards for secure data destruction.

Destroy Drive

Cost-Efficiency, Language Compatibility, and Time Zone Alignment

Destroy Drive, a company specializing in secure data destruction services, faced a significant challenge: making their operations more cost-efficient. The solution? Growing with remote talent from South America.

Previously, Destroy Drive worked with an agency based in the UK for the ITAD industry, but according to Destroy Drive CEO "Vintti's candidate screening and selection process has been much better"

They needed to build a team based in South America and the advantages were clear: Spanish language skills for their Spanish-speaking clients, a time zone aligned with the United States, and cost-effectiveness.

The first benefit was the Spanish language skills. With a team based in South America, Destroy Drive could better serve their Spanish-speaking clients. This was a significant advantage over their previous agency based in the UK, and Vintti's .

The second benefit was the time zone alignment with the United States. This made communication and coordination much easier, leading to more efficient operations.

The third benefit was cost-effectiveness. By hiring remote talent from South America, Destroy Drive was able to significantly reduce their operational costs.

Vintti's approach was meticulous and targeted. We leveraged our deep understanding of the staffing sector to engage with potential candidates who not only fit the technical requirements but also shared Destroy Drive's ethos and vision for professional development. Kevin Hong, founder of Destroy Drive, has expressed satisfaction with our vetting process and the quality of candidates we provide, stating that no other agency has been able to match our standards.

A Message from Destroy Drive's CEO

"When Destroy Drive was looking to scale, it needed a cost-efficient approach that would not compromise the quality of their services. Furthermore, it was critical for Destroy Drive to have presence outside the USA in LATAM markets to best service its customers and expand its brand. That's when we found Vintti." - Kevin Hong

Kevin Hong, Destroy Drive

Vintti's Performance: Fast, Efficient, and Diverse

Vintti's performance in staffing has been exceptional. In less than 21 days, Vintti has successfully hired more than 5 individuals for diverse roles. This swift and efficient process has greatly benefited operations.

Vintti's ability to provide cost-efficient operations through the growth of remote talent from South America has been a key factor in their success. Vintti has been able to align its time zone with the United States, providing seamless communication and collaboration. Additionally, Vintti's language compatibility has allowed them to cater to Spanish-speaking clients effectively.

Kevin Hong, CEO, shares his experience:

"Vintti's staffing solutions have been a game-changer for our company. Their ability to fill diverse roles quickly and efficiently has significantly improved our operations. The talent they bring on board is exceptional, with many employees hailing from prestigious companies such as EY and Accenture. Working with such humble and driven individuals, compared to the talent in the USA, has been a distinct advantage. I highly recommend their services."

Vintti's commitment to fast, efficient, and diverse hiring has set them apart in the staffing industry. Vintti continues to strive for excellence in all their operations, ensuring the satisfaction of their clients.

Results for Destroy Drive

Before Vintti, Destroy Drive hired 6 people in Mexico and they all failed. Now, 20% of their Project Management team has been hired from Vintti.

  • 5 placements
    We have successfully placed 5 candidates in key positions at Destroy Drive.
  • 21 days recruiting time
    Our efficient process ensured a short recruiting time of just 21 days for Destroy Drive.
  • 70% cost saving
    Partnering with us resulted in significant cost savings for Destroy Drive, up to 70%.
  • 20% PM team
    20% of their Project Management team has been hired from Vintti and they expect to keep it growing.

The Benefits of Hiring with Vintti

Discover how Destroy Drive hires top-tier talent for diverse roles from South America through Vintti, saving on recruitment costs.

  • Top Benefit

    Cost Efficiency

    Outsourcing can significantly reduce your overhead costs associated with hiring and training in-house staff.

  • Access to Expertise

    Outsourcing gives you access to professional accountants with a high level of expertise and experience.

  • Flexibility

    Outsourcing allows you to easily scale up or down your accounting needs based on business demand.

  • Cultural Alignment

    Our South American talent is not just familiar with the US business culture, they're a part of it. This makes working with clients or partners in the region smoother and more effective.
  • Top Benefit

    Convenient Time Zone

    They're just a timezone away. We understand the challenge that time differences can pose. That's why we've made it a point to select talent from regions that align with US time zones.

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