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At Vintti, 'Risk-Free' means you can interview candidates for free, and if you don't hire, you don't pay.

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Screening Candidates


Our screening process involves multiple interviews, assessing technical skills, cultural fit, english proficiency, and more, to ensure we find the best match for your company.

Background Check

We have a thorough background check process for candidates, including referral checks, credit checks, and criminal checks. This ensures the integrity and reliability of the candidates we recommend.


Relationship Management

We manage the relationship with the employee, ensuring a smooth workflow. We handle any issues, providing a seamless experience for both the client and the employee.


Equipment Provision

We provide the necessary equipment (computer, headset, etc.) for the job, ensuring your employees have what they need.


Bonus and Special Gifts

Whether it's a birthday bonus or a Christmas gift, we can help manage it, making your employees feel valued.

Our Process
What to expect when you work with us

Interviewing candidates is completely free of charge.

  • 1

    First call

    In this initial step, we will evacuate all doubts and set the foundation for a successful collaboration.

    Intro Call
  • 2

    Recruiting Expert Call

    Our recruiting experts will understand your needs and your culture to ensure a perfect match.

    Offshore Legal Talent
  • 3

    Search Kick Off

    We will present 3 pre-vetted candidates that match your requirements between 7-10 days.

    Search Kick Off
  • 4


    We will support your process and time, ensuring a smooth hiring process.


Don't take our word for it. Trust our customers

Kevin Hong, Destroy Drive Kevin Hong, Destroy Drive

Vintti Bridges the Gap: Destroy Drive's International Growth Strategy

"Vintti's staffing solutions have been a game-changer for our company. Their ability to fill diverse roles quickly and efficiently has significantly improved our operations. The talent they bring on board is exceptional, with many employees hailing from prestigious companies such as EY and Accenture. Working with such humble and driven individuals, compared to the talent in the USA, has been a distinct advantage. I highly recommend their services."
Kevin Hong, CEO.
Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent

Pendas International: Elevating Corporate Tax Expertise

"We needed a tax expert who could handle the complexities of international business and personal taxes. Someone who could communicate effectively with clients, learn quickly, and wasn't afraid to innovate. This was a challenging role, but it was crucial for our growth."
Ana-Barbara Llorente, Founder.
Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent

Vintti Staffs Unicorn Platform's Global Customer Support

"We take pride in offering exceptional customer support. But as we grew internationally, ensuring consistent support across all time zones and languages became a major hurdle. We needed a creative solution that addressed these limitations without breaking the bank. Building a massive team in Europe simply wasn't feasible."
John Rush, Founder
Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent

BradyCFO's Smart Hire: Saving 60% on Recruitment Costs

“The need for sound financial management in the food industry is great, especially given the competitiveness and historically difficult margins of this industry. Food businesses are not in a position to pay hundreds of dollars an hour for the right financial support they need”.
Mason Brady, CEO
Staffing with Vintti Staffing with Vintti

Onlinetaxman dramatically cut recruitment costs by 40% with Vintti

“OnlineTaxman has been hiring professional from around the world since we started but as the company starts to expand and recruitments need become more specific, the added costs of finding the right candidate are becoming unmanageable for our operation”
Vincenzo Villamena, CEO
Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent Brady cfo hired oursourced accounting talent

Vintti Optimizes Sales Development for Hazell

"Partnering with Vintti was a turning point for our sales expansion strategy. Their ability to find top-notch bilingual SDRs in South America at a fraction of the US cost was incredible. We've seen a significant increase in our global sales and the cultural fit has been seamless."
Jeremy Saunders, CEO.