Vintti Optimizes Sales Development for Hazell

In today's competitive global market, expanding sales teams often requires balancing cost-effectiveness with cultural understanding.

The Challenge

Hazell, a thriving US-based company, faced a challenge in expanding their sales team. Their current SDRs, based in the US, were highly skilled but their salaries were significantly higher than they could afford for international expansion.

Hazell sought a cost-effective solution that would allow them to tap into a global talent pool without compromising quality or creating cultural barriers.

About Hazell

Hazell is an environmental software consulting company that helps businesses and organisations leverage technology for improved sustainability practices. The team of consultants at Hazell specialises in developing custom software solutions that enable clients to monitor, analyse, and optimise their environmental performance.

Destroy Drive

The Vintti Strategy for Hazell

Vintti understood Hazell's unique situation and proposed a strategic solution.

They recommended expanding the SDR team to South America, where qualified talent was abundant and salaries were considerably lower compared to the US. Vintti's expertise in international recruitment and cultural understanding ensured they could identify highly motivated and bilingual candidates with relevant sales experience.

Founder's Insights on Partnership with Vintti

"Partnering with Vintti was a turning point for our sales expansion strategy," remarks Jeremy Saunders. 

"Their ability to find top-notch bilingual SDRs in South America at a fraction of the US cost was incredible. We've seen a significant increase in our global sales and the cultural fit has been seamless."

Jeremy Saunders

Unleashing Success: The Vintti Solution for Hazell

Vintti's tailored approach delivered remarkable results for Hazell:

  • Cost Savings: Hiring bilingual SDRs from South America resulted in substantial cost savings for Hazell. With Vintti's assistance, they were able to secure qualified talent for a total annual compensation of $18,000 per SDR, a fraction of the average US market rate. This represented a cost reduction of up to 80% compared to hiring in the US.

  • Global Market Reach: The new bilingual SDRs enabled Hazell to effectively target their international market, expanding their customer base and generating new revenue streams. The cultural compatibility of South American SDRs with the US market ensured smooth communication and collaboration.

  • Enhanced Sales Performance: The addition of the bilingual SDR team led to a significant boost in Hazell's overall sales performance. The team's expertise in international markets and cultural nuances allowed them to connect with potential customers effectively, leading to increased sales conversions.
  • 80% Cost Reduction
    Compared to the US, Vintti's solution can reduce costs by 80%.
  • $80K Avg. US SDR Salary
    The average salary for a Sales Development Representative in the US ranges from $60,000 to $80,000.
  • 21 Days Time to Hire
    With Vintti, the time to hire is significantly reduced to just 21 days.


Vintti's case study with Hazell highlights the power of strategic hiring and global talent acquisition. By leveraging their expertise in international recruitment and cultural understanding, Vintti helped Hazell achieve their business goals while optimizing costs. 

This case demonstrates the value of partnering with a global staffing agency that can bridge the gap between talent needs and global expansion, ensuring a competitive edge in the international marketplace.

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The Benefits of Hiring with Vintti

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  • Top Benefit

    Cost Efficiency

    Outsourcing can significantly reduce your overhead costs associated with hiring and training in-house staff.

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    Convenient Time Zone

    They're just a timezone away. We understand the challenge that time differences can pose. That's why we've made it a point to select talent from regions that align with US time zones.

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  • 98% Client satisfaction rate
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